Our Trainers


Lindsay Chavez - Founder, Trainer & Executive Director

Lindsay is a professional dog trainer with a BA in Anthrozoology (Human-Animal Studies) from Carroll College in Helena, MT.  Lindsay has been training and placing service dogs since 2007. Through positive reinforcement training she has trained highly successful service dogs for individuals with various disabilities.  


Kelly Sosa - Trainer

Kelly has always had a passion for animals and began raising and training service dogs in 2005.  She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Southern Oregon University and now lives in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Kelly joined the Healing Hounds trainer team in August, 2016.  After a long day of dog training, Kelly enjoys taking her dogs on long hikes in the hills above her house.  

When she isn't training dogs for us, Kelly spends her time rock climbing and backpacking throughout the West Coast with her pit bull, Princess Mango.


Mary Shimel - Trainer

Mary Shimel is an avid animal lover, and growing up she had a variety of animals.  Mary was introduced to service dog training in 2006 through Autism Service Dogs of America, and found her passion.  She loves seeing how these service dogs change the lives of the recipients.  Mary became an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer in 2012.  We welcomed Mary as one of our Healing Hounds trainers in January 2017.

When not training service dogs, Mary enjoys gardening, hanging out with the family pets, going on hikes, and living the country life.

our puppy raisers

Ryan Orr


Puppy raiser since January, 2017

Carly Randall


Puppy raiser since May, 2017

Megan & Taylor Ehl


Puppy raisers since August, 2017



Puppy raiser since February, 2018

Ellie Low


Puppy raiser since April, 2018

Shaunaly Hutton


Puppy raiser since November, 2018

Weegie & John Lieberherr


Puppy raisers since December, 2018

Patty Kain


Puppy raiser since January, 2019