Puppy Raisers


The Job of a Puppy Raiser

Any puppy raiser will tell you that it is a lot of work to raise a service dog in training!  Puppy raisers volunteer their time and home to teach a Healing Hounds Service Dog basic commands and manners on top of socializing the dog in training to as many environments as possible.  Our work heavily relies on these incredible puppy raisers, and we could not do this type of work without them!

While it is a lot of hard work to be a puppy raiser, most will tell you that it is incredibly rewarding work!  


Becoming a Puppy Raiser

Puppy raising is a 12-14 month commitment and our trainers will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the training and support to raise a quality service dog!  Puppy Raisers are required to attend weekly meetings for the first few months of receiving the puppy, so make sure you are able to meet this requirement.  Our trainers are flexible as to when the meetings happen and will try to work around your schedule to the best of their abilities.  Puppies are fun and doing this kind of work is incredibly rewarding knowing that you are helping someone in need!  Just make sure you have the time, energy and patience that these special pups require.

If you are interested in becoming a Healing Hounds Puppy Raiser, please fill out the application below.  Once you apply, one of our trainers will do a phone interview with you and then a house visit before approving you to be a puppy raiser for our organization.  This ensure that it is a good fit for the puppy and your lifestyle.